Huge apology from FA Cup Final flop as Manchester United send us to sleep

It’s the FA Cup Final. It’s the biggest moment of your career. So, what happens?

Do you commit some atrocity on royalty? Do you punch Greg Dyke on the nose? No, not quite. Karen Harding was hyped up like a young English protege and, before anyone could even mutter ‘flop’, she missed her cue.

Heartbreaking for her, we are sure, it was damn funny in the mean time. The Super Bowl recreation attempt ahead of the FA Cup final, was typically British, ambitious, but damn awful. Everything was mistimed, the crowd was just bemused at what was going on and the absurd middle of the pitch performance was lost on an English footballing audience.

The attempt to re-hype the FA Cup has drastically failed at it’s first attempt. None more so than Karen Harding, the poor woman who was tasked with leading a chorus of 90,000 drunken fans and 22 nervy players. At least she took the time to apologise…

Mortified, hard not to feel absolutely awful for her.

Anyway, what a belting voice she has…