Manchester United getting lucky; Twitter bezerk as referee sways tide

Mark Clattenburg, we are told, is the best manager in this country. Clattenburg has had a stinking first half of the FA Cup Final to date and there are large portions of the internet that are questioning his credentials. Failure to play advantage on two separate occasions has proven to be hugely damaging to Crystal Palace and its not aided by some rather incriminating pre-match photography…

Can’t read too much into a friendly chat, can ya? Well, it doesn’t look good when you see the Crystal Palace decisions this half. Alan Pardew is on the edge of nutting someone.

Yeah, at least he doesn’t have a record for losing his temper or anything.

Goes to show just how bad Clattenburg has been, people are feeling a tad sympathetic towards Pards.

Questions will be asked after this abysmal showing, you’d hope. Or is it a Manchester City masterplan to keep Louis van Gaal in his job by gifting a trophy to the Dutchman?

Naturally, BT Sport can never miss out on a bit of abuse. Wonder how their viewing figures are doing…