Manchester United shock world; Twitter in awe of LvG

Manchester United have won a competition!

The much maligned Louis van Gaal has actually done something that is not totally bloody awful and the club looks like they might be able to build into a stunning dynasty once again. The most successful club in the history of English football take another step towards knocking Barcelona off their perch as the best in Europe and Marcus Rashford has shown that Lionel Messi may not always be deemed the greatest in living history. Wayne Rooney has reinvented himself to become a 2016 Zinedine Zidane and there is a real hope that Louis van Gaal can compete for a treble next season, just as Alex Ferguson won in 1999.

Twitter really does believe for the Red Devils, now.

2016-17, whoever the manager is, will be the year Manchester United dominate Europe.

Harsh, that.

So good to see everyone finally realising just how crucial Van Gaal is to the future of the club. With Van Gaal they can dominate next season, as everyone is finally realising.