Fantasy Football

FootballFanCast Fantasy Football Game

Love Fantasy Football? Here at FootballFanCast we have teamed up with 11Kicks and Piclive to offer you TWO fantasy football games to play so that you can well and truly meet your fantasy football fix!

Picklive is a LIVE Fantasy Football phenomenon! It’s fantasy football, but not as you know it. While you’re watching live football, you can play against friends and other competitors and attempt to amass the most points. You can ensure that no matter what the result is, you will be glued for the whole 90 minutes by playing this hugely entertaining live fantasy football game. You can play Picklive for free and it spices up any game, with the top players bagging the booty!


Picklive is a brand new game that is played LIVE and is hugely exciting:

Click here for a quick guide on How To Play Picklive

11Kicks offers a weekly Fantasy Football game with loads of fantastic benefits for you to enjoy:

As the weekend approaches not only will you be cheering on the Premier League, Championship or any other football team you support but you are also bound to be keeping an eye on the players in your fantasy football team. Will your 11 fantasy football players shine and bring you a bucket load of points or will a couple of your outfit have an absolute stinker?

To find out which players you should have in your fantasy football team, which Premier League stars you should transfer into your team right away and which Premiership players you should steer well clear of check out our Fantasy Football Blogs below…