Convert bookmakers’ free bets into profit using risk free guide to matched betting

More football fans are getting involved in betting on the beautiful game as it becomes easier and easier to have a flutter on the footy. Now you can make a football bet online and on your mobile phone with a range of different bookmakers. As the number of online bookies have grown, thus so has the competition for your custom, and as a result pretty much every betting company is trying to entice you with the offer of a free bet.

The value of these free bets varies depending on the bookmaker. bet365 for example will match your initial deposit to the value of £200, so you can have up to £200 worth of free bets to have a flutter with. This is just one of many great deals available; however they still require you to stake your own money initially. You may be slightly apprehensive about doing this, but there’s no need to be as by matching your bets you can covert your free bets into profit.

The process behind this is fairly simple and will be outlined here in a short guide to matched betting. Before you make any bets, you need to ensure that you sign up with an online betting exchange. This is so that you can lay against any bets you make, which means betting on an event not happening. So you might lay against Manchester United winning the Premier League title, which would mean you’re betting on any team other than the Red Devils to win the league this year.

To qualify for your free bet with an online bookie you’ll have to stake your own money first. So you might bet on Arsenal to win their next match, while lay against that happening on the betting exchange. Depending on whether the Gunners win or lose, you’ll either be slightly in profit or slightly in the red. However, you have an opportunity to turn that into a guaranteed profit with your next bet.

You will need to follow the same process with your next bet, but as you’re staking the bookie’s free bet, you can ensure that you win. By visiting you can find out which matched bets will make you the biggest profit in the upcoming days. So you might bet on Dutch international Rafael van der Vaart to score for Tottenham and again lay against it at the betting exchange. This will guarantee you a profit whether the Spurs forward scores or not, the size of which will depend on the odds offered.

By making the most of the information available online you can ensure that you enjoy risk free betting while watching the footy every Saturday. There is nothing to stop you taking advantage of the introductory offers given by all the online bookmakers and matching your original deposit and in turn your free bet. By doing this you can ensure you make a tidy little profit from your betting activities, even if you can’t guarantee that your team will win!

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