Three mistakes Arsene Wenger must avoid repeating against Liverpool

Arsenal and Liverpool have developed a goal-heavy modern rivalry.

Two teams happy to throw any defensive concerns on the back burner as they try to force a victory will surely provide us with another classic this weekend. On the opening weekend of this Premier League season it finished 4-3 with Liverpool the eventual victors as Jurgen Klopp’s side set the tone for their campaign.

The Gunners have had several peaks and troughs in their season since that opening day embarrassment. Arsene Wenger has been faced fan protests, they’ve had a controversial FA Cup tie marred by a pie-eating scandal and their annual drubbing from Bayern Munich. All that is left in their season is the faint hope of a top four finish and lifting the FA Cup once again.

Wenger made mistakes last time he faced Klopp’s side. In true Wenger fashion he will probably make the same mistakes again, but there’s always a chance he will change his ways, isn’t there?