Make the Most of Matched Betting

There is plenty of skill required when betting on a sporting event, but ultimately the majority of the time whether you win or lose is down to luck. You can do all the research possible and feel you’re on to a sure thing, but on the day anything can happen: that’s why sport is so exciting. However, now you have the chance to come out on top when betting online by taking advantage of matched betting opportunities and making sure that you aren’t left out of pocket after having a flutter online.

The majority of online bookmakers are offering deals to act as an incentive to try and entice new customers to register on their website and start betting. These incentives usually come in the form of free bets, with the deals offered by online bookies ranging from a fiver to £200! These offers require you to deposit your own stake and then you’ll receive a free bet once you have bet your stake. If you’re lucky you’ll win your original bet and your free bet and have made yourself a tidy sum of money, but you can take luck out of the equation by matching your bets.

Betting exchanges allow you to lay a bet, or bet against an event happening, and this is something you can use to your advantage. On the website that is offering you a free bet, you will need to make bet with your own money to qualify for the offer. So if you were betting on an upcoming football match, you could make a bet for Arsenal to win on the odds given. Then on the betting exchange you could lay this result, so you win if Arsenal lose or draw, and that way you don’t lose out whatever the result.

To find out what risk free matched bets you can take advantage of you can visit and make use of their ‘Automatcher‘ service. This pioneering software will help you to find matched bets in the next ten days that offer you risk free matched betting with just a couple of clicks of your mouse. You can then compare the back and lay odds that are being offered on upcoming football matches by each online bookmaker, so you find a matched bet with an online bookie with which you have a free bet offer.

You can even get advice on how to match your bets so that you can’t put a foot wrong and with the bets listed in order depending on the profit they return, you can choose the one that will give you the best return. If you sign up to the online bookies from the freebets4all website you can even get betting cashback, so you’ll get yourself even more free money. So when you’re watching the football match that you’ve bet and layed on, you won’t really mind what the result is as you’ll win either way and have a little bit more cash in your pocket.