The Panasonic Man Guide to Intelligent Living

What constitutes being a real man has been discussed quite a lot in the Premier League recently. In the build up to the Premiership encounter between Manchester United and Arsenal, United manager Sir Alex Ferguson accused the Arsenal players of not being real men for wearing snoods. This was backed up by England captain Rio Ferdinand on Twitter, even though Nani and co wear gloves. As it turns out, only Arsenal’s Samir Nasri was wearing a snood at Old Trafford last night and he didn’t have a great game so maybe Fergie was right after all.

One thing that all real men have to do is shave and fortunately that has become much simpler thanks to the Panasonic ES-RF31 wet/dry shaver. The shaver that has a four-blade cutting system is better than anything Braun or Philips have to offer, just as Manchester United were too strong for Arsenal. It’s gentler and smoother on the toughest stubble, so if you did decide to wear a snood while playing footy you wouldn’t suffer any irritation whatsoever.

Here’s Tim Shaw to tell you more…

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