FIVE things we learnt from the FIFA 14 demo

It’s that time of year again- the moment football fans across the globe have been waiting for. The chance for gamers to hone their skills on the full version of FIFA 14 may be a few weeks away, but the demo has always made for an intriguing insight into what gamers can expect for their money.

The game experience of FIFA 13 left a lot to be desired, will EA finally get rid of the immense ability to score sweaty goals and with it the fury and frustration that the best team didn’t win? Will players still fall over at the slightest touch because of EA’s incompetence with player movement? All will be revealed in full in the coming weeks when the jury of gamers make their own mind up about whether their investment was worth it. Let’s face it though – FIFA 14 will be a huge seller – probably bigger than ever before and that’s despite the emergence of two next generation consoles on the horizon.

With the era of FIFA’s dominance over Pro Evolution Soccer in full swing in recent years, can they hold on to their crown as the football game with the genuinely best experience for those on PS3 and xBox 360?

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Jeff Stelling

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