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Suggested solutions: How to fix FIFA 19 for disgruntled players

FIFA 19 is a broken game.

Fans have been complaining for months about the botched product released by EA Sports, such have been the myriad issues plaguing the title.

FIFA 19 released in September in a state that was viewed as promising by many players but, since then, patches and updates have reduced the game to a broken mess that continues to promote the money-spinning Ultimate Team mode over anything else.

Football FanCast has put its thinking cap on and taken a look at three suggested solutions to fix FIFA before the next editions rolls out.

Focus on single-player

Not every FIFA player likes to play Ultimate Team.

That is not to deny that the mode is a money-making behemoth that earns EA Sports millions of pounds every year by virtue of players buying packs in the desperate hope of seeing Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi pop up.

The pack odds, published for the first time this year, prove that the likelihood of packing a superstar is slim to none.

As a result of that, there needs to be some love put into the alternatives, namely Career Mode.

In previous iterations of FIFA, before the as-then untapped potential of FUT was realised, Career Mode was the place to be.

You could buy and sell players and build a super-team, or take your local club all the way to the Champions League final, all while having a fantastic time on the pitch.

Now, it’s stale; there’s very little incentive to grind to the end of the season as there hasn’t been a significant facelift given to Career Mode in this console generation. Fans still love it, they still play it, and it deserves some much-needed attention.

Fix defending

This is relatively simple. If you make a tackle with your defender in FIFA 19, and you win the ball, you should have possession.

This is football 101. Yet, all too regularly, the Frostbite engine that has been used to make the game throws in some “randomisation” and the ball ricochets around before invariably ending up with the opposition team.

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This is annoying at best and game-breaking at worst. There are so many clips online of players cleanly winning the ball only for it to rebound to another attacker on the opposition team. All too regularly it ends in a goal.

Add into that the genuine idiocy of many goalkeepers in the game and you have a recipe for disaster.

In FIFA 20, this has to be resolved.

Leave FUT alone and focus on what’s important

EA Sports have to make a decision.

They either want FIFA to be an online gambling service where young children and teenagers fritter away their pocket money in the hope of packing Ronaldo, or they want it to be the ultimate football simulation. They can’t have both.

Ahead of FIFA 20, they should leave FUT as it is; it is a money-making machine and will be just fine if only subtle tweaks are made.

And that should allow them the time to sort out the mess that is timed finishing – every single shot that is timed perfectly goes in and all too often, so do the ones that are mistimed – and pace-abusing. If you have a quick winger and a tall striker, you’re winning most games online.

Scripting, too, appears to be real. EA Sports have never confirmed this but there are times when it seems as though the game is actively working against you.

If they allow FUT to stay as it is and remedy some of the issues raised here, FIFA 20 might just be a game worth buying.

Otherwise, their player base will continue to dwindle. FIFA 19 has been the worst version of the game to date, and it might just get worse if its developers do not start to listen to fans.

Article title: Suggested solutions: How to fix FIFA 19 for disgruntled players

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