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Agree or disagree, but United star makes a valid point

Football FanCast columnist
Lewis Doe thinks that whether you agree or disagree, Gary Neville
may have a point.

The obvious criticism of
players and wages is that they do not do enough to justify the amount they are
paid each week. Turn up at training every day, run around for a bit and then
play in a couple of games. It's a very common but naïve way of thinking, as
football actually runs a lot deeper than many would care to think.

The way that Gary Neville's
recent comments have been portrayed will make him look quite ignorant and
stupid; however, his justifications for saying that players deserve what they
are paid is actually quite convincing once you bother to look into it.

Neville said: "Others earn
billions selling rights and 75,000 come to watch us every week. There's a
product there that people love. Fans are crucial but without the player you
have nothing."

"Architects leave their
business, caterers move restaurants – this is life. People want a better wage.
Is there too much money in other businesses, like banking? When a kid kicks the
ball aged six, he is thinking about dreams, not money."

You could also say that he
missed a trick by not mentioning other aspects of money in sport. For example,
professional sportsmen in America earn substantially higher wages than any one
playing in the Premier League.

David Beckham for example earns
four times as much playing at LA Galaxy than someone earning £100,000 per week
in the Premier League and your average sportsmen in MLB, NBA and NFL earn far
more money than footballers in this country do.

Neville is right and when a
club the size of Manchester United and the great revenues it generates, then it
is only right that the players get their share considering they are responsible
for the success that is created. I am sure there are a lot supporters who will
perhaps think otherwise and feel the club's revenues should filter down to the
support, by the way of reduced ticket prices, but in this corporate age that is
never likely to happen.

Has Gary Neville got it right, or do you feel that
footballers are overpaid?


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Article title: Agree or disagree, but United star makes a valid point

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