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Did Defoe’s Miss, Get The Referee Off The Hook?

FanCast columnist Johnny Moon is sick to the back teeth of poor refereeing decisions and feels it's about time the men in black are given technical assistance, especially over contentious penalty decisions.

As football games go, a neutral would tell you it was simply one of the best, for a Tottenham fan it was simply heaven, but for a West Ham fan like me it was one of the lowest points of a desperate season – The memory of that 4-3 game was still raw in the east end yesterday and as Jermain Defoe stepped up to take that penalty kick; you can forgive us clarets and blue for suffering a bout of déjà vu.

In truth this game was a good old fashioned blood and thunder affair. Reckless tackles, end to end chances and a referee, who simply had no control of the proceedings. Both sides will rue a number of decisions that went against them, no more so than the penalty decision at the end of the first half for Robbie Keane – was Mike Riley simply trying to even his mistake up when Defoe went down? I doubt few Spurs fans would have protested if it wasn't given – why do referees do try and even things out?

It drives me absolutely potty and I bet there are many fans around the country that have been on the end of a referee who tries to balance decisions that have been incorrect in order to prevent getting a wrath from the respective managers. Are referees now under so much pressure and scrutiny that they have to detract any possible criticism with incorrect decisions? Had the dodgy penalty gone in, Spurs fans would have countered with "well we should have had two in the first half?" why West Ham fans and management team would bemoan the misfortune of being the end of a shocking decision – Why does the referee get out Scot free? Is he happier than the hammers fans that Defoe penalty was saved? Why cant referees hold up their hands in making a mistake, instead of trying to play god and make up for it?

No doubt the upshot of the game within the media is that "justice was done" but how many times are club's this season going to be so fortunate? Isn't it about time, now referees are professional that they are accountable for their actions and have to face the cameras to explain? People will say that mistakes are apart of the make up of the beautiful game but that doesn't make it right. Is it time for technology to be introduced for contentious issues like Penalty's or are we happy to let referees dictate the possible outcomes of games by letting them even out their previous poor decisions?

Article title: Did Defoe’s Miss, Get The Referee Off The Hook?

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