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If I were him, I would give the Emirates a wide berth

Football FanCast columnist Lewis Doe hopes the FA make an example of Adebayor.

Watching Emanuel Adebayor quite blatantly give a two fingered salute to
everyone connected with Arsenal at the weekend probably would not have
surprised many people but some of the scenes were quite shocking. The Football
Association will review the two incidents that arose during the game and what
they will see will be sufficient enough to make an example of this idiot. 

Firstly, footage of Adebayor's stamp on Robin Van Persie will be reviewed to
see if it would have warranted a straight red card and hence a three game ban
will be dished out. The defence was the player saying that he went for the
ball. Well all the FA need to do is look at a still of the picture and see
where Adebayor is looking and the expression on his face. Three games banned so

Secondly they need to review the footage that would have shocked many fans
who don't even care about Arsenal or Manchester City. Adebayor's run to taunt
Arsenal fans produced near riot as supporters clambered to get on the pitch.
The referee booked him for this pointless act but if the FA personnel reviewing
the footage are as shocked as many other people may be then there is space for
an extra one game suspension. 

The point is that the FA need to throw the book at this idiot because of the
way he quite obviously intended to behave at the weekend. Why he has such a
deep and bitter hatred of Arsenal is a little bit baffling and the only way
that other players will learn is if the FA gives him a four match

Adebayor himself said in The Sun:
"I can go and play at the Emirates for
the return game, why not? I play for Manchester City and if they want me to go
and play, I will play. After the game I saw him and said sorry but he didn't
even want to speak to me."

If you're reading this Adebayor then to be honest mate I'd keep clear. There
will be people wanting your head when City go to Arsenal and the atmosphere will be slightly more hostile than you were exposed to on Saturday. Your behaviour was disgraceful and I hope the FA will act on it.

Soccer Millionaire

Article title: If I were him, I would give the Emirates a wide berth

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