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Leeds need all THIS like a hole in the head…

Football FanCast columnist Lewis Doe believes that this is the last thing that Leeds United need. 

You may love or loathe, but nobody can ever say that Leeds United have had
it easy over the past few years as they have been hit with financial turmoil,
relegations and disputes over ownership. They have really gone through the mill
and just when things have started to look up, both on and off the field,
question marks have now emerged over whom the men are bankrolling the football
club as they are refusing to step forward to be recognised.

The problem this creates for Leeds is that while the team is making big
strides on the pitch, it takes away the momentum that this creates. Getting
points and racking up wins is all well and good but if there is some sort of
subconscious noose hanging around the good of the club on a daily basis then
sooner or later it will tighten. 

The fact that the other people, who have an interest in the club will not
come forward means that there could be something untoward about the foundations
of these people. What this will mean is that there will be a great pressure on
the Football League to get out the magnifying glass and take a look at all
that's going on in relation to the ownership of the club. 

Bates is refusing to acknowledge that he has played any part of cooperation
with the other people that do own part of the club. This puts Leeds in a very
awkward position because it may eventually mean that the takeover of the club
when it fell into administration may have never been legal and hence the club
has been owned and run illegally for a long time. 

The punishments of any eventual decision are unknown at this stage but the
point is that they may be severe and could threaten the advancement of the side
out on the pitch.  

Just when this historic club seems to be getting back on its feet, something
comes up that means confusion over ownership could be the very thing that
knocks the club back down again. It is both very confusing and very

As far as the team is concerned, all
they can do is get their heads down and keep winning to get Leeds into a solid
position so that if they are punished the effect will not be so heavy.

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Article title: Leeds need all THIS like a hole in the head…

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