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Man City’s punishment to set a dangerous precedent

Football FanCast columnist Lewis Doe thinks that punishing Manchester City would be a dangerous trend to set
in motion. 

There is no doubt that a lot of people looked at how Emmanuel Adebayor
behaved, after he scored against Arsenal, and thought it was right that the FA
were all over the incident like a nasty rash. 

Although the player's actions in this case were inexcusable there is an
argument that from the very first moment that he walked out onto the pitch, he
received a torrent of abuse from Arsenal fans. 

The point is that players are provoked on a weekly basis, it is not
something that has only just started to happen, and it has been going on for
years. When you are subjected to such abuse, the release of emotion and energy
that scoring a goal can bring will often give a feeling that is unique only to
professional football players. 

The levels of emotion are huge and because of this players will often react
in specific ways when they get a chance to. The point is that City will now
want the FA to react in the same way every single time an incident like this

They have also pointed the finger at Manchester United player, Gary Neville,
who was seen running towards Manchester City fans after United's recent derby
win. However, the reason he was not charged is clear, it was because before he
got down to where the City fans were situated, he thought better of it and
started to act as though he was warming down. 

What may have worked against City in the game against Arsenal was the
stampede of fans trying to get onto the pitch and get at Adebayor. The scenes
were not pretty and they were actually quite shocking. That was about as
extreme as it gets because the majority of player reactions to opposition fans
stretch to a cupped ear, or a finger up to the mouth. 

A rule for one is a rule for all and all
similar incidents will now be magnified intensely.

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Article title: Man City’s punishment to set a dangerous precedent

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