Football FanCast Partner Network

Do you want…

1. More traffic?

2. 1000s more people reading your work?

3. The revenue that your work deserves?

Football FanCast’s Partner Network is a co-promotional tool for football fan sites who are looking to grow their audience and their revenues. You can increase your awareness through the Football FanCast network.

Partner Opportunities:

1. We can significantly increase the money your site earns and manage all of your advertising for you.

2. Free, tailored news content for your site.

3. Promote your site with a regular weekly feature from your site

4. Permanent link on our Partner Page

Co-promotion helps improve your SEO and page ranking. Adding tailored news to your site brings added content to your audience free of charge. There are also added opportunities to co-promote your site and reach a whole new audience!

Becoming Part of the Network

Just send us an email with your site URL, a brief description of your site and an approximation of your monthly traffic figures – Click here.
We will then get in touch to discuss the best options to work together.

Submit a regular weekly feature

If you have a ceratin article or feature that would sit well on our site and can be used to promote your site further then we’d consider setting up a regular feature for you – Click here

Websites of the Week

This opportunity gives you wider distribution of your articles on our home page, our team specific pages and our wider distribution network.

  • 3-4 articles should be submitted to maximise your sites exposure.
  • All articles will also include site logo and clickable link
  • We offer professional editing from our editing team for your work
  • Option to submit regular articles for continuous promotion

How do I get started? Application to join “Websites of the Week” is simple. Just send us a sample article from your site and the URL of your site and we will contact you and get your content live! Click here