A £10m reunion that must be welcomed by all at Arsenal

Football FanCast guest columnist Dan Rowan feels that Wenger needs
to change his view on the January window and bring in that much needed
complement for Cesc to give them the best possible chance of success this

When Wenger
was asked the question some 10months ago about the value of the January transfer
window, he felt it was a time of desperation where clubs throw endless millions
around to get a quick fix. Arsene may have had a point and to be honest sitting
top of the League he was comfortable position to say so, but I wonder if he will
be having a change of view as we approach the New Year.

Having been
to all but one Arsenal game this season, there is no doubt in my mind as to
where the deficiency in our team is. The loss of Flamini is so evident and for
all of Denilson's and Song's attributes, Fabregas certainly doesn't look
comfortable and is not playing with the subsequent freedom he enjoyed last
year. The Spaniard is our talisman, the one midfielder who can open up the
stubborn resolute teams and yet he seemingly looks to be playing on the back
foot due to the uncertainty he seems to have with those around him.

Fabregas came out last week and made his point rightly or wrongly about his
concerns about the lack of experience within the squad. I appreciate the
Spaniard has since came out and, in my opinion, been forced to retract those
statements, but I honestly believe he was spot on. We do lack experience and
what we certainly do miss a Viera esque leader to drive the team forward from
midfield. I think half the problem looking at this Arsenal team is a lack of leadership
within midfield and as a result we seemingly look to get overpowered and
bullied at times. In the old days when we actually use to win trophies we had
those figures like Viera, Petit and later Edu who could command a midfield; it
seems to have been a factor that has slipped Wenger's mind and in my opinion
has to be address in January if we have any chance of success this season. I
feel Arsene will decide to splash out, but the question remains as to who we
should bring in.

There has
been a vast amount of names touted in the past few weeks, all excellent players
and all a vast improvement to what we have got. Yaya Toure has come out last
week and claimed that Wenger had been in touch, Xabi Alonso has made it no secret
that he would be willing to listen to offers in January, while Gattuso seems to
be name ever popular in debates on forums. I personally would take both Toure
and Gattuso tomorrow, as I feel Alonso is a bit lightweight and the other
player I would take much to the likely dismay of my fellow fan is Lassana
Diarra, who I feel is the best holding midfielder in the country at present.

I know
there is history with Diarra and Toure for that matter and fans will see it as
a backward step to go back for players that had previously been within our
grasp, but I think that is a quite short sighted view. Both players have
excellent qualities and I honestly believe that both would jump at a return to
North London. We all know of Yaya's determination to quit Barca after losing
his first team place and we all know about the financial problems that are
currently hitting Portsmouth. It wouldn't take a bid of much more than £10m to
secure either player and I honestly believe that Wenger would be crazy to pass
up the opportunity to sign one of them up. The Frenchman may have been
dismissive of the January window before, but I believe our potential of success
this season depends on it.