Abramovich’s passion still there

Roman Abramovich’s passion for the game is still there despite the Russian not attending as many games of late, according to Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck.

The club executive has stated that the Eastern European billionaire is also very knowledgeable, and is in constant contact with the club in regards to the latest goings on.

“I would say that his passion for Chelsea has increased not decreased. His passion for football has increased, not decreased,” Buck is quoted as saying in Ian Ridley’s upcoming book.

“His knowledge of football has increased exponentially. I’m not talking about what goes at the megastore, I’m talking about football. It would be pretty hard to name a current footballer that he couldn’t give you statistics for.

“He doesn’t miss a game in the sense that wherever he is in the world he watches the Chelsea game. He calls Eugene Tenenbaum (trusted club director and associate) or whoever after the game and they talk about it. He is very much on top of things,” he stated.

Abramovich bought the Stamford Bridge outfit back in 2003, and Buck has revealed there were a number of investment opportunities for the Russian at the time.

“Manchester United would have been expensive and the fans would go crazy. Aston Villa was for sale but was in Birmingham and the long-term opportunities were limited.

“Tottenham was on the list along with Chelsea. They were in London; they were in financial trouble. Roman’s advisers tried to arrange meetings with Tottenham and Chelsea but for whatever reason, they couldn’t set up a meeting with Tottenham, or Tottenham didn’t want to meet,” he concluded.
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