Andre Villas-Boas backs move

Chelsea manager Andre Villas Boas has stated that he feels a potential move away from Stamford Bridge would benefit the club in the long run.

The London side have been exploring options of a new arena, after it was revealed that increasing the capacity of their current home was impossible.

Stamford Bridge holds just short of 42,000, considerably lower than the side’s rivals for the Premier League title, and Roman Abramovich and Bruce Buck are thought to be keen to move to a new 60,000 home.

There has been opposition from the Chelsea supporters, but the Portuguese coach feels a move would benefit the team.

‘The most important thing for us it to position ourselves regarding our future,” he told The Telegraph.

”When Porto left the old stadium to go into the new stadium – the Dragao – nobody liked the name, nobody liked the site, nobody liked the stadium, and nobody liked the idea of moving.

”Because the historic presence of the old stadium on that site meant something enormous for the fans. But if you go back to Porto now, there is not one single person who remembers the old stadium.

”Everybody is in love with the new stadium. It’s a beautiful stadium, it’s a magnificent site and everybody is happy with the move that was done. Because it took us into the future, brought us more revenues in the end, and made us play in a magnificent stadium.

”That’s my experience of the past. I’m not in a position to say how the fans will react, and how they are reacting.

”In the beginning, disappointment regarding the loss – or not – of an historic site can mean something. But eventually, if we move or not, things will be for the best for sure,” he concluded.

By Gareth McKnight

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