Andy Carroll told to consider Milan

Former England striker Mark Hateley believes that Andy Carroll should leave Liverpool, according to reports at talksport

The son of current AC Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi, Pier Silvio – president of the holding company that own the Rossoneri, admitted recently that he would love to bring Andy Carroll to the club.
In an interview with The Sun, Silvio stated “As a future target I’d like to bring Carroll to the club. I must admit that for his body build, and after seeing his header in the Euros, I would like to have Carroll at the club”.
Mark Hateley, who played for Milan for 3 years in the mid-eighties believes that a move to Italy would be perfect for the former Newcastle frontman.
“It would be breath of fresh air for Andy Carroll,” he told talksport hosts Hawksbee and Goldstein. “It would be great to go away and test himself in a new environment, a new culture and a different way of living.”.
He continued, “That was key for my development when I was so young”.
“They teach you the game inside and out, that’s what they do in these countries, especially Italy. Big strikers have always been a handful. It would be great for Andy and…it’ll be great for England. At his age you’re still very young and very raw. He’s got great strengths in his game already but he still has a lot of weaknesses. They (Milan) can deconstruct his game and build it back up again to the way a European centre-forward should be.”

There has been no offer from Milan for Carroll at this time and it is thought that new manager Brendan Rodgers will want to hold onto all of his current strikers.

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