Arsenal big wig reveals clubs long-term plans

Stan Kroenke has made a rare public comment about the future for Arsenal, as per the Telegraph.

The American owner has revealed plans for Arsenal to spend much of their summer in America and to develop relations between his London club and his MLS franchise, the St Louis Rams. Wenger has usually been against long-haul trips in pre-season and Kroenke looks to be trying to build the brand of both of his clubs, with plans for the Gunners to spend much of their pre-season in California.

The American is keen to use Arsenal’s worldwide reputation to raise the profile of the Rams and his public appearance left plenty of fans wishing that ‘Silent Stan’ would remain silent.

Kroenke was speaking at a conference in Boston on Friday and he also commented on fans valuing the quality of the wifi connection when in a stadium. The Gunners, after beating Hull in midweek, are still in with a chance of a treble this season and it is still possible to have a hugely successful season.