Arsenal boss demands UEFA stamp out financial wrong play

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has urged UEFA to punish big clubs if they do not abide by the financial fair play rules that come in to play this year, as reported by Sky Sports.

Both Manchester City and Paris St Germain have been cited as clubs that have struggled to comply with the enforced rules which restrict net spending, initially brought in to offer a fair playing field rather than big spending clubs dominating.

It was reported earlier this week that UEFA are set to punish both clubs, but only with a fine – making the whole situation irrelevant when both clubs have the finances to pay it off.

Wenger wants others to be punished as it is not fair on the likes of Arsenal who stick to the rules and pay their share.

“There are rules to apply for Financial Fair Play. If you don’t respect them, you have to apply the rules,” Wenger said.

“One of the rules is that normally you should be banned for the excess of the financial amount that is not justified, that is if you are £100m overboard, you should be punished for £100m of your wages bill in the Champions League.

“I want to see that respected, if that is not respected, then the financial fair play will have problems to be respected in the future because everyone will just not consider it at all.

“If it is not respected, of course we will feel let down.”

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