Arsenal legend calls for club to make mammoth signing this summer

Arsenal legend Robert Pires has demanded that the club should take the risk and sign Jamie Vardy this summer, as reported by Sports Mail.

After summers of Wenger’s transfer dithering, it seems that even Wenger’s biggest loyalists are finally losing patience with his slow moving transfer policy that has halted the club’s progress for several years.

Vardy is yet to agree any terms with Arsenal, but the potential move to Arsenal suggests that the club could really make this summer a big one when it comes to renovating their squad.

Pires, unlike many, seems very optimistic about Vardy’s chances if he were to move to Arsenal and believes that a player who scores that many goals for Leicester would surely score at least as many for a club with the creative prowess of Mesut Ozil playing behind him.

It looks as though Jamie Vardy will leave the Gunners waiting for a fair amount of time, could Arsene Wenger run out of patience?