Arsenal legend tells Arsene Wenger he needs to win the Premier League

There have been mixed reactions to the news that Arsene Wenger has signed a new contract at Arsenal, and for Thierry Henry, he believes that the pressure has ramped up a notch.

Wenger was the subject of criticism from some fans throughout the season due to another failed title campaign in the Premier League and getting humiliated by Bayern Munich in Europe.

With his contract due to end this summer, groups of supporters called for a change, but instead, the club offered the Frenchman a new two-year deal.

This means that the 67-year-old’s tenure at the North London outfit will extend to at least 23 years.

Henry, who spent eight years of his playing career at the Gunners, believes that Wenger’s new contract will be justified if Arsenal win the league title soon.

The former Barcelona star told Sky Sports News:

“As an Arsenal fan, and as a guy who had Arsene as a coach and have maximum respect for him, I’m happy to see him at the club. But time will tell [if the decision was right]. They finished the season strong, although they have done that before. Raising yourself for the FA Cup final, to beat one team on one day is one thing. To do it over 38 games is a different story.

“Everyone is waiting for the title; the club, the players, the fans and Arsene himself. That’s what I want to see because raising your game for one day is one thing, but everybody is waiting for that to be done over 38 games.”

Arsenal, who won the FA Cup but failed to finish inside the top four this season, have not won the league crown since 2004.