Arsenal manager hints at possible exit

Arsene Wenger is believed to be close to ending his managerial role for Arsenal after managing the club for 18 years if his team fails to meet his end of season objectives, reveals.

The French manager could bring the curtains down on his career if the Gunners fail to lift the FA Cup trophy as well as secure a fourth place finish in the Premier League.

There has always been speculation that the club’s longest serving manager could call it quits at the end of the season, but this latest release regarding his intentions could be the final confirmation in the making.

The news could cause problems as Arsenal is said to have already offered Wenger a brand new two-year deal, as well as full backing from the board.

Arsenal have been on and off throughout the the campaign and are now receiving a lot of negative stick from the fans, one criticism of which is the club’s current nine year trophy drought.

However, the club are refusing to accept his departure while still planning ahead towards next season with Wenger still in charge of all aspects including training, scouting, and staff meetings.

With news of the boss looking to leave, Arsenal is said to have a list of managers who can step in and run the club on a short term basis before the right candidate is found.