Arsenal star claims La Liga is boring

Santi Cazorla

Arsenal star Santi Cazorla says he has no regrets about swapping La Liga for the Premier League, as he finds English football more exciting, according to the Daily Mail.

Cazorla believes the fact Real Madrid and Barcelona are so far ahead of the chasing pack in Spain, means English football has a more exciting edge.

He told Sport magazine: ‘In Spain now, it’s more tactical, I think – more boring. For me, Barcelona and Madrid are so far ahead from the rest. 

‘But in England it’s far more level, more competitive. For me, it’s better. It’s possible, for example, that Manchester City play against Cardiff and lose. In Spain, it’s normal that Real Madrid play against Real Mallorca and win, win, win – it’s very difficult for other teams.

‘The Premier League is more fun, I think. But I still watch Spanish football – I always will, because Villarreal and Malaga are teams that I love.’

Cazorla has just begun his second season at the Emirates, and has revealed he is now comfortable in English football, despite early concerns he would succumb to the physical nature of the Premier League due to his height.

The 5’6 playmaker has revealed height is not an issue for him as the game is more about technique than physical strength.

‘When I was younger, my size was a problem because the teams were all full of strong players. Now it has changed: Messi, Iniesta, me. It’s easier now. 

‘When I started playing football, it was hard because the players were all big and strong. Luckily, every year it has changed a bit – and now it’s more about technical skill rather than physicality.’