Arsene Wenger surprised at Wayne Rooney furore


Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says that he has been surprised by the amount of coverage given to the Wayne Rooney-Manchester United contract story this week.

After seeming set to leave Old Trafford, the 24-year-old England forward has penned a new five-year contract with the Red Devils, a move which caught many off-guard, but which did not surprise Wenger unduly.

He said:"Once the club came out and said that they couldn't find an agreement, it was a message that they wanted to sell.

"Certainly Rooney has got the guarantees he wanted – you can translate that like you want, but that's it.

"It was just a story that for me, from the start to the end, was of no interest to me. When I saw the headlines I just turned the page.

"I was never really interested in that story because what happened with Wayne Rooney happens to every club, every year – plenty of times.

"Just because he has a different name it was certainly a story, but it is a super-classical story which happens in every club, every week, so I could never understand what was really special in this case."

Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti said that he was not too surprised that Rooney had eventually opted to stay put, adding:"I'm not surprised. Manchester United are happy to keep a fantastic player.

"I think that Rooney did a fantastic job for Manchester United and in the future I think he will do the same."

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