Attention Manchester United fans; FA find way to save your season..

As the Guardian reports, the FA are to consider awarding a Champions League spot for winning the FA Cup.

The FA Cup is always thought to be dying by the footballing analysts and the Football Association are considering huge changes that look to revamp the competition and keep all sides interested.

The Chief Executive of the FA has been reported as saying that he would love to see the winners of the cup rewarded with a Champions League place.

In the same Guardian report, Martin Glenn, the FA Chief Executive, claimed he wanted to take on UEFA over the number of dates that are unavailable for fixtures because of European competition. Glenn spoke at length about fixture congestion, as the FA consider axing replays and introducing a winter break.

Talks have not taken place yet, but Glenn agreed that replays might have to be removed if a winter break was introduced. As per the Guardian’s article, the Premier League have always argued this point.