[Audio] Frustrated Harry feels no lessons need to be learnt

Harry Redknapp was clearly a frustrated man in the wake of Tottenham’s opening group game against Werder Bremen.

The North Londoners saw a two goal lead vanish in the space of four minutes either side of half time, which saw journalists ask Redknapp whether his team had learnt any valuable lessons from the turnaround.

The Tottenham boss, who was clearly flustered, claimed it was simply just a part of the game that happens from time to time in football.

“No, no, I didn’t learn any lessons today.”

“What lessons can I learn…what can I do?

“What can they do, what can they do; how can they learn lessons…it happens in football.

“We always told about lessons. Did we learn any lessons…is this a lesson in Champions League football? It happens in football…” (BBC)

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