Bayern Munich star wary of Arsenal

Bayern Munich legend Philipp Lahm believes that Arsenal are still a major force in the both England and the Champions League, as reported by the Guardian.

Bayern travel to the Emirates on Wednesday for their knock-out stage meeting with Arsenal, but despite the Gunners slipping behind Chelsea in the Premier League Lahm is excited by the clash.

With Arsenal’s style of play, Munich are clear favourites to win over two legs with Lahm even admitting that his side player better against teams with a certain style.

The German international, who has played both in midfield and defence this season, is wary of Arsenal switching to defensive mode when Bayern make their trip to North London in midweek.

“They’re fighting for the championship, that’s not a coincidence: I believe they have developed as a team.

“They’ve become much stronger, the squad is more balanced.

“And they still play the way Arsenal always play. They want to have the ball, they like playing it short, and they have outstanding individuals.”

“We have always found it easier, and still do, when the opponent plays football as well, when they don’t just think in defensive terms, don’t just sit inside their penalty box.

“It’s just nicer when the opponent plays football. But let’s wait and see.” He pauses, then smiles. “I hope they won’t punish us by doing just that.”

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