Beckham’s Australia Move Unlikely

David Beckham - Unattached

David Beckham has ruled out a move to Australia in the new year according to Perth Glory owner Tony Sage, who met with the former England midfielder in London.

The pair encountered a chance meeting at the O2 in London last week where Beckham confirmed to Sage that a move down under would not be good for his businesses.

Beckham is a free agent and is understandably flooded with offers from all around the globe including Australia. Beckham enjoyed six successful years in America and has reformed the game they call ‘soccer’ but he felt it was time for the final chapter in his career to begin.

The former Manchester United midfielder is understood to have some attractive offers from Europe; including England; and Asia where the game could do with an MLS-style makeover.

Despite ruling out a move to Australia, the media seem none the wiser as to where the England legend will end up with just two weeks until the European transfer window opens.

“I got the chance to chat to David, and of course I asked him about coming to Australia,” Sage told

“He looked me in the eye and basically said, ‘That would be nice, but it’s too far away from my businesses’.

“It would have been great to have him at Perth Glory, but it looks like that won’t be happening. I just don’t think he’ll be coming to Australia, full stop.”