Blackburn defender makes bung claims

The Football Association is reportedly examining claims of a ‘bung’ paid to a Manchester tailor for his part in Gael Givet’s Blackburn move.English tabloid The Sun reported on Tuesday that a 50,000-pound payment was given to tailor Phil Black for his part in helping Givet move from Marseille to Blackburn in 2009.

The French defender initially joined the English Premier League club on loan before a 3.5 million-pound deal, but his affiliation with an ‘agent’ not registered with the FA has sparked concerns from English football’s governing body.

Givet allegedly recalled being picked up from the airport by Black, and driven to meet then-Blackburn manager Sam Allardyce.

“Phil Black was the first person to contact me, texting and asking if I was interested in joining Blackburn,” Givet said, as reported by The Sun.

“I just thought he was working for Blackburn. But after I’d signed he started demanding money, saying he was due a slice of the agent’s fee agreed by Blackburn with my agent.”

“Black kept on asking me for money. He kept saying he should have been paid and had received nothing.”

“It felt bizarre, it felt wrong and I was very uncomfortable about it, but he was very persistent. I was in a strange country, I didn’t know if this was usual – I didn’t know who to turn to. Afterwards I felt such a fool.”