Brescia bring Iachini back as coach

Two months after he was sacked as coach of Brescia, Beppe Iachini is back in charge of the Serie A side.

Brescia moved quickly to remove Mario Beretta, the man who replaced Iachini on December 6, after the 3-0 home defeat to Chievo left the Rondinelle bottom of the table.

The loss, Brescia’s fifth in their last six games, sparked protests from angry fans who demanded a meeting with Beretta.

“I am not going,” Beretta told Sky Sport Italia television.

“They insulted me for 90 minutes. If they had been civil then I would’ve gone to the meeting, but in this atmosphere they can forget it.”

That paved the way for Iachini’s return. “I am sorry for Beretta, as he was unlucky in this experience,” Iachini said.

“I return with great enthusiasm to pick up the work that was interrupted. We need to rediscover the unity and spirit that took us to win the Serie B championship and get a good start to this season.

“I still have an excellent rapport with the fans and I know the President always had faith in me.”

“It will take something special to avoid relegation. I haven’t seen the recent games, so I’m not sure what awaits me. Quite aside from tactics, we need to find our self-belief again, our enthusiasm and remember to think as a team unit, not individuals.”

“We also hope for a bit more luck, which was notably absent from my last few matches in charge.”

President Gino Corioni was less generous with Beretta’s plight.

“I never saw Brescia play football with him in charge,” Corioni said.

“It’s true, we lost with Iachini as well, but at least the team used to play.”