Carlo maintains Terry defence

Chelsea head coach Carlo Ancelotti has launched another staunch defence of Blues and England captain John Terry, who has come under fire for revelations surrounding his private life.

The 29-year-old is set for crunch talks with England boss Fabio Capello, having dominated the tabloid headlines throughout the week.

However, Ancelotti told reporters:"He is focusing on his job. He's doing very well every day, every moment. He's the captain of this team so, with his behaviour, he's doing his best for this team.

"And also he played very well in the last two games. He scored against Burnley. He's in fantastic condition at the moment.

"The problem that involves John is outside our training ground and it's a normal life for us. John's mood is very normal.

"I have not spoken to him. It's not necessary for me to speak to him about his private life.

"It's his private life and I don't want to know anything about this. I'm only interested in his professional behaviour and that is the best.

"I'm not interested in the private lives of the players. In the past some coaches phoned home to control their players, but I never did this in my career and I won't in the future.

"I'm only interested in the players at the training ground and to control behaviour at the training ground. Private lives are an important thing – they should remain private."

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