Chelsea actually win football match: Twitter reacts

Its been a dodgy season for the Blues, but they broke some incredible records tonight to win an actual, real life, football match.

Mourinho’s men have been appalling for most of this season (and I’m being kind), yet they turned it all around today to win a match against Porto and book themselves a place in the next Champions League round.

Bournemouth may have been too good for the reigning champions, but Chelsea dispatched Porto with aplomb and even Diego Costa cracked a smile at one point, a rare sighting.

As ever, Twitter went into meltdown at the Blues managing to turn the form book upside down.

Its hard to believe that this club won the Premier League last year, but people are genuinely amazed about this victory, stunning stuff.

Even die hard Chelsea fans have forgotten what it was like to see their team play with any confidence.

Now Nemanja Matic has even become the player of last season?

Are the Blues back to their best? Maybe. Maybe they’ll lose 6-0 to a Vardy-inspired Leicester on Monday.