Chelsea legend slams lack of star quality

Former Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard has stated that the current Blues squad lacks star quality and there are not enough big personalities in Guus Hiddink’s contingent.

The West London club have had a disastrous 2015-16 campaign that has seen Jose Mourinho sacked and the team toiling in the bottom half of the table.

With the outgoing champions set for a major overhaul in the summer and an influx of new players set to arrive at Stamford Bridge, Lampard has stated that it is overdue.

During his time at Chelsea, the Blues were massively successful due to a host of dominant figures as the crux of the team.

However, with fellow homegrown star John Terry set to leave the club this summer, Lampard has admitted that he is concerned with the lack of presence and commitment in the current contingent.

“I do worry about where the real personalities of the team are,’ Lampard told The Daily Mail.

“To be a big team, you have to have big personalities. I don’t want to sound like I am harking back to the days of me and John and Ashley Cole and Petr Cech and Didier Drogba but I do see a team now where John is the last mainstay of that identity.

“We had a fantastic spirit at Chelsea. We are kind of famous for it now. People criticised us for it to try to take away the gloss of what we were doing.

“Maybe Chelsea are looking for a more beautiful way now.

“The club has been trying to push it down that route with the players they have recruited over the last four or five years. The problem is if you fall in the middle, somewhere between tough and beautiful. It’s nice football at times but it’s not that nice and it’s not really winning games. It’s not beautiful, beautiful stuff.

“They need to buy two or three big players. Because being 11th in the Premier League is ridiculous for Chelsea.”

Chelsea are still in contention in the FA Cup and Champions League but finishing in the top four looks out of the equation.