Crystal Palace manager lashes out at idiotic comment from ex-Liverpool skipper

Alan Pardew has not held back in his retaliation at Jamie Carragher’s comments, reports The Telegraph.

Writing in Crystal Palace’s matchday programme, Pardew singled out Carragher’s comments as the main factor in his post-match rage last weekend. The diving debate reared its ugly head once more after Christian Benteke won Liverpool a penalty late in the game after minimal contact from Damien Delaney.

Pardew claimed that ‘loyalties can blur opinions at times’, as the former Liverpool man seemed to laugh off the idea of Benteke having dived in the game last weekend. The Palace boss also pointed out that Carragher may well not have had the same reaction if it had been the Eagles awarded a penalty in the same circumstances.

The ex-Newcastle manager’s frustration must’ve been increased by his side’s poor form and the relegation battle looms as Crystal Palace are still looking for their first league win of 2016.

Carragher is usually a highly respected pundit, but his jokey comment that ‘Liverpool players don’t dive’ will have damaged his reputation.