Dalglish happy with Reds performance

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has stated that he was happy with his team’s performance on Monday night, as his men drew 0-0 with Tottenham.

The Anfield crowd saw a positive display from The Reds and Luis Suarez return from the bench, but no goals against the north London side.

The Scottish coach applauded how the Merseysiders went about their business, despite not recording a victory.

“I think the most important thing for us was we’re really pleased with the way the team played,” he told Sky Sports after the stalemate.

“We put them under an awful lot of pressure. We kept our own shape, purpose and determination.

“Like any other game you just need the bounce of the ball to go your way. If we’d got one to go our way we possibly would have won it.

“We’ve played all the top sides here, Tottenham are a top side, and we’ve done very well against them.

“So whether we think it’s just or unjust is irrelevant at the moment. The most important thing for us is we’re really pleased with the way everyone performed.

“Everybody deserved credit. Pepe didn’t have much to do. Everyone made a contribution.

“It would have been disappointing had we not got anything from the game. I don’t think the harshest of the critics would have said we deserved nothing.

“Andy Carroll was very, very good tonight. We’re delighted with him.

“We’re in a better position than we were in last year. We’ve got a cup final to look forward to.

“Like everyone else we’d like to convert more chances. There’s not another team that has constructed as many chances as we have, I don’t think. And there’s not as many teams that has lost of few goals as we have. So we’re three quarters of the way there,” he concluded.

By Gareth McKnight