Dalglish sets down Carling Cup Final challenge

Kenny Dalglish has stressed that his Liverpool players must try to be remembered for a strong Wembley performance when they take on Cardiff in the Carling Cup final on Sunday.

The Reds are heavily fancied, but the Anfield club’s boss has urged his men to follow in the footsteps of generations past who were successful when it mattered most.

“Wembley was a place we visited pretty regularly and everybody at the football club is trying to get back a bit closer to those days,” he confessed to Mirror Football.

“This football club wants to be challenging more often than it has been in the past. We want to be closer that we have been recently, when we have not been a contender for many of the competitions, certainly the domestic ones.

“I don’t really have too many memories of Wembley. I just cannae remember! I don’t have any real definitive memory other than the ‘89 Cup Final because of what it meant to so many other people in the city.

“But the thing is, even though it’s stating the obvious, the best result of any final is obviously when you win it. That’s what we want to do now – everybody wants to make it more successful and making being contenders for trophies more permanent than what it has been,” he concluded.

By Gareth McKnight

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