Darren Fletcher won’t be rushed back

Manchester United midfielder Darren Fletcher’s future is in doubt, and Sir Alex Ferguson has admitted that the Scotland international may not make pre-season for the Red Devils.

The combative midfielder was ruled out half-way through last season due to a chronic bowel condition, and as such has been undergoing rehabilitation.

Fletcher was expected to have sufficient time to get back to his best for next season, but Ferguson has confessed that his countryman may not be ready to return.

“We’ll wait and see about that,” Mirror Football report Ferguson as saying.

“Obviously, the boy is trying very hard to get back to his level. It’s not going to be easy, but we’ll give him every possible chance and we’ll see how it goes.

“He kept himself active towards the end of the season when he replaced Paul Scholes as reserves coach when Scholes decided to come back as a player.

“Darren’s a terrific lad, and we all hope he can come back,” he affirmed.

By Gareth McKnight