David James: No racism problem in football

Goalkeeper David JamesDavid James has stated that racism is not a problem in the modern game.

John Terry and Luis Suarez have been found guilty of racist language in the last year, but James does not feel that it is a pressing issue in the sport.

“The JT situation went on for months and months and months,” he told The Daily Mail.

“‘The governing body should have said: “Look, an incident has taken place.” They should have dealt with it there and then. The evidence was there.

“There was an issue about where these comments were aimed and whether someone was offended. But the more pressing issue was that it was done on a football field, in an environment that doesn’t allow racist comments, and that should have been dealt with straight away.

“The rest of it could have been a private case if needs be but it just dragged on and dragged on,” he continued.

James also commented on the lack of black managers in the game, but does not feel that it is down to racism.

“I don’t think it’s a racist thing. If you go on the A Licence course there are not many ethnic players on there. On the B Licence for sure I don’t think any of them had played at a high level.

“It’s just a case of the numbers aren’t there. I think genuinely it’s whether you’re good enough. Chris Houghton hasn’t spent much timeout since he begun management and he’s been decent.

“Other managers, quite frankly, have been given too long. They have not done very well and justified not being in work.

“I struggle with the racist issue in football because I don’t see it. That’s not because I’ve got my head in the sand. In the earlier days yes, but things have changed.

“I’m not going to fly anyone’s flag to join some gang that doesn’t need to be joined. If you want to go on a coaching course to become a manager, give yourself a chance. If you want to moan about not having a job, well not going on the course is probably why you haven’t got a job,” he concluded.

By Gareth McKnight