De Boer campaigns for winter World Cup

Qatar 2022 bid ambassador Ronald de BoerFormer Netherlands international Ronald de Boer has stated that the 2022 World Cup should be switched to the winter.

The tournament will be held in Qatar, which has drawn question marks due to the sweltering heat in the country at that time of the year.

However De Boer, who is an ambassador of the Asian nation’s bid, believes that switching the competition to the winter would be a success.

“I think sometimes a change is good, it would be great to have it in the winter,” The Telegraph report De Boer as saying.

“Everyone will be fit, physically fit, mentally fit and I don’t see a problem with it. When the African Nations Cup takes place, if you have an African player at your club he has to go and play for his country,” he said.

“They play in January and February. Not every league is in synch with the big European leagues: in Russia and Scandinavia they start earlier, and in the United States they have a different schedule.

“So I don’t see difficulties. I think its great we have this opportunity and to try it and it will also be beneficial for the tournament itself to be played in the winter. I played there, and for the fans I think it will be great. It would be great if we had it in the winter.

“I think all the bodies should come together to find a common solution and try also to change. It’s very easy to stick with the old thing because we’ve done it already for years.

“I have said to the supreme committee, ‘I would do it in the winter’. But they can’t say that,” he concluded.