Derry criticises FA decision

QPR midfielder Shaun Derry has criticised the FA after seeing his red card against Manchester United upheld.

The veteran will serve a one-match ban after being dismissed at Old Trafford and seeing his appeal turned down, which he feels is unfair.

“I thought it was a foregone conclusion that it would be overturned and I would be available for last night. Everyone thought the FA would put it to bed that way,” he told Sky Sports.

“I lined up in the training session to play, then I got a call from our assistant manager Mark Bowen who said it had been turned down and I was absolutely gobsmacked. To miss out on the next game is ridiculous really.

“The e-mail we got back from the FA was one line telling me my appeal had not been successful.

“That’s as far as the e-mail went – there was no explanation as to why it was not overturned, or even any indication of why I got sent off in the first place. The whole scenario is quite bizarre really.

“It was the single highlight of my career to lead a Premier League side out at Old Trafford – perhaps the pinnacle of my career. So I was bitterly disappointed to say the least. It is a tough pill to swallow,” he concluded.

By Gareth McKnight