Donovan open to another Everton loan spell

Landon Donovan has admitted that he would be open to another loan spell at Everton in the future, as he concludes his short-term deal against Blackpool on Saturday.

The United States international has spent the last six weeks at Goodison Park on loan from LA Galaxy, the second time he has done so, and would be keen to replicate this in the future.

“I would approach it the same way I have approach it each year,” Donovan told Sky Sports.

“One: Am I physically able to do it. Two: Does he (David Moyes) want me to come back. Three: Do I feel like I can contribute and benefit the club?

“I’m not coming back if it is just for me to have an experience. I have too much respect for the club, manager and players to do that.

“The expectation is very clear if I come back and if I feel I can do that and they want me to come back then I would absolutely do it.

“I know I’ll be back here but I don’t know if I’ll be back as a player, but I hope I will.

“I don’t think my agent would appreciate me saying this is the only club I’d come back to because he’d lose some leverage in negotiations, but I can’t imagine playing anywhere else.

“There is something magical which captures you when you walk into Goodison and it doesn’t let you go,” he concluded.

Donovan will return to his homeland after the FA Cup tie with Blackpool on Saturday.

By Gareth McKnight

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