Duffy thought he was going to die

Everton's Republic of Ireland defender Shane Duffy thought he was going to die after a freak training ground injury left him fighting for his life.

The 18-year-old underwent emergency surgery on Friday evening after lacerating his liver and losing 3.6 litres of blood.

Following surgery Duffy has been transferred from intensive care to the high dependency unit at Dublin's Mater Hospital, but the team doctor has revealed the extent of the concern surrounding his health.

"Shane was very frightened. He thought he was going to die," explained Republic team doctor Alan Byrne.

"There was 3.6 litres of blood in his abdomen that has leaked from this artery and he had received over 20 units of blood.

"You are pouring it in one way and it is leaking out the other way.

"All you can do at that stage is put as much fluid in as you can because you are trying to keep the circulation going to the brain and to the heart.

"(FAI surgeon Professor) John O'Byrne rang me a couple of times from the ambulance and he thought he was going to die because you cannot replace the loss of this fluid and blood.

"He had lines going in everywhere in A&E to try to maintain his blood pressure.

"On Friday night, we weren't talking about football, we were talking about would this young boy survive, would he live?"

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