Dutch manager relishes chance of managing Manchester United

Louis van Gaal remains quiet over his future role at Manchester United despite having nothing but praise for the club and that he would love nothing more than to become their new manager.

The Red Devils is believed to make an announcement early next week and Van Gaal currently tops the list to be put at the reigns of the squad.

The Dutchman admits to being kept in the dark about his potential deal at United but insisted that he still very interested in the job.

He told Sky Sports: “You have to wait and see when the club decide.

“It is always the same, it’s always a process and you have to wait for the process. The press are always too fast.”

Asked what he knew about United, Van Gaal replied: “A stupid question I think. It’s the biggest club in the world. What do you know about Manchester United?”

“You have to ask the club, not to me. I would love the job. You have to wait and see,” he added.

The current Netherlands boss had nothing to say when asked about the future of current interim manager Ryan Giggs or even potential assistant manager Patrick Kluivert.

Referring to Kluivert, he said: “These questions I cannot answer, you know that.

“It’s a fantastic challenge and I hope that I shall be the one, but you have to wait and see.”