England boss predicts star striker will come good in Brazil

England manager Roy Hodgson is convinced that this summer will be the time to shine for striker Wayne Rooney, as reported by the Sunday Mirror.

Rooney has failed to make a big impression at major international tournaments thus far in his career, despite playing 89 times for his country.

The 28 year old has been one of few shining lights for Manchester United this season although he is carrying a groin injury going into the national team meet up.

Hodgson is not worried however and he expects the new-look England side to suit Rooney’s play and attitude.

“I’m sure it must be the same for Hollywood film stars.

“I’m sure you make your first film and nobody knows much about you and you get some good reviews – but one day you’re going to be Al Pacino, you’re going to be Jack Nicholson.

“And suddenly – then you’ve got to make a ****ing good film!

“But I’d like to think the squad we’ve picked is a very good one, with lots of exciting players and Wayne could benefit from having those around him.

“There are plenty of players out there for us who can score or make a goal so if I was Wayne Rooney, I’d be thinking ‘right, this is looking good, I’ve got good players around me, this is a great opportunity for me’.”