England captain admits international retirement a possibility

Liverpool and England skipper Steven Gerrard has admitted that he will discuss his international future after the World Cup this summer, as reported by the Daily Telegraph.

Gerrard turns 34 years old this week and is set to be surrounded by young guns in the England midfield for the much anticipated tournament in Brazil next month.

While not contemplating retiring from football – the decision that could make this the Liverpool legends final major international tournament is set to be made later on this summer, before England’s Euro 2016 qualification campaign starts in August.

“I’m not going to leave anyone hanging. Don’t worry, as soon as the World Cup is over I’ll sit down with the manager at the right time and I’ll make the decision,” Gerrard said.

“I can be open and honest with you now that I haven’t made that decision because I haven’t had the chance to chat with the manager at length over it.

“But I’ll be chatting to Brendan Rodgers, Roy Hodgson and a few important people around me whose opinion I respect; players I’ve played with. I’ll make the right decision at the right time.

“It does depend on how the World Cup goes, how I perform, how the team performs. Am I still going to be wanted after the World Cup? These are all the questions we’ll have to sit down and answer. I won’t stay around if I’m not wanted.”