England to wear poppies

England have been granted consent from Fifa to wear poppies on black armbands for their game against Spain on Saturday in support of Remembrance Day.

The English FA had initially wanted a poppy to be embroidered into the players’ shirts for the game, but the world governing body would not allow this to ‘maintain neutrality in football’.

However after Prime Minister David Cameron and Prince William stepped into to appeal Fifa’s decision, a compromise to appease both parties has been reached.

“The FA can confirm that FIFA has today agreed that the England team will now be permitted to wear a poppy on the black armbands the players will wear during Saturday’s match with Spain,” an official FA statement confirms.

“While continuing to adhere to the Laws of the Game, wearing the poppy on the armband does ensure the poppy will be visible throughout the game.

“The FA welcomes FIFA’s decision and thanks them for agreeing to this.

“Earlier today, The FA announced extensive additional plans as to how they will support Royal British Legion in the wearing of the poppy,” it concluded.

Scotland are expected to adopt a similar tactic against Cyprus, and are waiting for approval from the Cypriot FA to go ahead with the act of support.

By Gareth McKnight