English players in Van Persie’s sights

Robin van Persie has taken aim at some of his English team-mates and believes their lifestyle could limit the length of their careers.The Arsenal striker told The Sun he felt a party and drinking culture was more widely embraced by English professionals, and was part of the reason their careers did not last as long as those of their counterparts from the continent.

The Dutchman said footballers must be clear about their priorities in order to succeed at the top level.

“The really top players aren’t fooled by riches or fame because they are fully focused with their football,” the 27-year-old said.

“For me, it’s very important to be having breakfast every morning with my two children and that wouldn’t be possible if you were hanging about in a discotheque all night.”

“When I see some of my English colleagues who are out til three in the morning, then I can only conclude that they are invariably finished at 33.”

“I have made another choice and that’s to be doing what I love the most, playing football.”

Van Persie said Arsenal would need to inject some new faces into the current squad as they bid to end a run of six seasons without silverware at the Emirates Stadium.

“Every year it always goes wrong in an identical way and that is frustrating,” he said.

“When you look at results in the last years, then Arsenal shouldn’t be talking about winning the league because too many times things have gone wrong.”

“Sometimes you have to eat the truth and be realistic. But I do believe, with the signing of a number of players, then next season we should be in there competing for prizes.”